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Mid-West Truckers Association (MTA) began in 1961 when four small trucking company owners wanted to create a purchasing pool to buy group insurance and tires at competitive rates. 

As the trucking industry grew, the founding members of MTA realized the difficulty of keeping up with the regulations within the trucking industry.  It was then that MTA became the "eyes and ears" of its members.  MTA now provides a wide range of member services, including federally-mandated drug and alcohol testing, licensing and title service, self-funded workers compensation programs, training, and education.

The membership of MTA is more than 4,000 members strong and encompasses 19 states and two Canadian provinces. Our members are comprised of both trucking companies and companies that operate trucks as a part of their business.

It is our mission to be considered a leader, representing the trucking industry before state and federal agencies. 

Our dedicated staff holds seats on state, regional and national advisory boards, which allows the voice of MTA members to be heard when new regulations and legislation arises.

Don Schaefer

  • Legislative Activities
  • Designated Highways
  • General Questions on Trucking Rules & Regulations
  • Government Agencies
  • Annual Convention and Truck Show
  • Member Concerns/Complaints
  • Training & Safety Programs
  • Keep on Truckin’ News Magazine and Advertising
  • Hazmat Questions
  • Stormwater Permit Program

Matt Wells
Vice President

  • Legislative Activities
  • Government Agencies
  • Member Concerns/Complaints
  • Regional Advisory Board
  • Farm Trucking Regulations
  • MTA, Truck Show, and Midwest Service Corporation Web Sites
  • Law Enforcement / Commercial Truck Enforcement
  • Logbook / Hours-Of-Service Questions
  • Annual Convention and Truck Show

Marissa Chestnut

  • Accounts Payable
  • Insurance Billings
  • Workers’ Compensation Program
  • Profit & Cost Seminar Registration
  • Convention Exhibits, Registrations & Hotel Reservations
  • Membership
  • Bail Bond Cards
  • Accounts Receivable (except drug and alcohol)
  • DOT Supplies (DOT Packets, Log Books, Physical Forms/Cards, Inspection Books, Etc.)

Michaela Norman
Accounting Associate

Stephanie Hunter
Accounting Associate

  • Accounts Receivable (Except Drug & Alcohol)
  • Membership and Renewals
  • Bail Bond Cards
  • DOT Supplies (DOT Packets, Log Books, Physical Forms/Cards, Inspection Books, Etc.)
  • MVR's

Kathy Day
Motor Carrier/Regulatory Compliance 

Heidi Starr
Motor Carrier/Regulatory Compliance  

  • IRP/Fiscal Licensing and IRP Temps
  • Illinois Overdimension Permits
  • Fuel Tax Questions, Fuel Tax Reporting Service
  • Itra/Interstate Authority
  • Insurance Requirements
  • Process Agents
  • 2290 HVUT Filing
  • Pre-Employment Screening Program (PSP)
  • CSA Evaluations
  • MCS 150 Updates
  • UCR Electronic Filing
  • Title Processing

Shelly Miller
Drug & Alcohol Testing Program Manager

Andrea Bottrell
Drug & Alcohol Testing Program Assistant Manager

  • Drug and/or Alcohol Program Regulations & Policies
  • Drug-Free Workplace Questions and Policies
  • Medical Marijuana Questions
  • Drug & Alcohol Clearinghouse Questions

Carrie Roth
Drug & Alcohol Testing Coordinator

Taylor Fifer
Drug & Alcohol Testing Coordinator 

Michelle Bozarth
Drug & Alcohol Testing Coordinator 

Jayme Ray
Drug & Alcohol Testing Coordinator 

  • Schedule Any Type of Drug and/or Alcohol Test
  • Questions on Drug and Alcohol Billings or Results
  • Drug and Alcohol Supervisor Training

Todd Spann
Marketing Communications  Coordinator

  • MTA Website and External Communications and Marketing
  • Webinars/Seminar Production
  • Keep on Truckin' News Articles and Advertising
  • MTA Convention and Mid-West Truck and Trailer Show Convention Exhibits, Registration

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